Fellow Lions
What a year.  Who thought that this virus would change our lives the way it has.  Businesses are suffering, service organizations are suffering but the worst is the people who have lost love ones or have had love ones sick with COVID.  We as Lions need to stay strong and stay together.  Support your fellow Lions by checking on them and also your neighbors.  I know that this has really slowed club action down but we can still help one another.  With the vaccine being administered I hope we will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Something we could do as Lions is volunteer to help with vaccines.  I know that most of us can’t administer it but they will need traffic control and other things that we can do. 
I guess you may have heard by now that the State Convention will be virtual.  The Council and the NAMI team are working to try and make this an enjoyable day and a productive one for the Lions of Kentucky.  I hope all Kentucky Lions will try to be part of this.  We will have a lot of information packed into a short time.  There will be more information shared as we get closer to May 22.
Our Governors and Cabinets are working hard to make this year as good of year as we can.  They need your help.  I hope that clubs will be meeting and things will get back to normal soon.  We are Lions and we are strong so keep your head up and WE WILL make it through this.
Council Chair
Larry Smith

A Truly Good History

Our history is a long one. And a proud one. For over 100 years, we’ve served with uncommon kindness, putting the needs of our neighbors, our communities and our world first. We look back at our storied past with pride, but we know it’s only the beginning. Every day, we’re building on our legacy with the goal of making an even greater impact in the future.

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